Monday Funday: Sushi Play!

sushi playI was recently asked to come up with food play activities that could help kids learn to like sushi. I had so much fun coming up with ideas that I want to share them with you all for today’s Monday Funday!

When I think about introducing a specific new food, I find it helpful to come up with activities within the main categories of food play: building, deconstructing, making a picture, pretend play, games and cooking. Below are some ideas in each category to help your child learn about sushi!

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Monday Funday: Games Make Drills Fun!

Carrot Cone DrillsWe learn new skills by practicing them over and over, but often just the thought of repetitive drills feels daunting, discouraging and no fun at all. This is where games come in. When we make anything into a game, especially something we want to practice over and over like touching or tasting new foods, it’s suddenly, magically fun! We may even forget we’re working on a skill because we’re so focused on the game!  Continue reading

Thursday Tips Senses Series: Hearing–The Sounds Of Mealtimes

oatmeal cookie earAs human beings we’re extremely sensitive to the vibrations of sound. We absorb sound through our whole bodies and register those vibrations through bone conduction, which means that sound vibrations make our bones vibrate and those vibrations are then picked up by our ears and brains.

A teacher of mine once casually mentioned this profound insight about our sense of hearing: We can’t block out sound. We don’t have earlids. Wow. So true. So how does our sense of hearing affect mealtimes?   Continue reading