Monday Funday: Make Hearts Out Of Anything And Everything!

food heart collageIt’s Valentines week and no matter how you feel about the holiday, I believe everyone could use a little extra love–always–and to add some easy, extra love to your food play, all you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter!

You can make almost any food into a heart! You could stack heart-shaped sandwiches out of bread and sandwich fixings cut into hearts, or cut a soft sandwich (like peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese) into hearts once it’s made.

You could cut fruit or cheese into heart-shaped snacks. You could cut citrus peel into hearts to work on exploring and tolerating new smells. Or pile blueberries, pomegranate seeds or grape tomatoes into a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make an easy heart-shaped dish.

For a cooking activity, you could make heart-shaped cookies. For a building activity, you could make animals out of different sized hearts.

Have fun and get creative with whatever’s in your fridge or whatever you’re making for lunch or snacks. All you need is a cookie cutter!

I’m sending you all so much love from my kitchen to yours! Happy Valentines week and happy food play! 🙂


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