Monday Funday: Sometimes The Moon Is Made Out Of Cheese

cheddar cheese moonSometimes all you need for food play is a simple cookie cutter and your imagination!  In honor of the full moon today, I made one out of cheddar cheese.To play, you could start with a full moon and then take bites to make a crescent moon. For older kids learning about the moon cycle you could take bites to make all of the different shapes of the moon along it’s waxing and waning cycle. Or use a circle cookie cutter to make different moon shapes, if your child isn’t quite ready to take bites, yet.

You could add stars to the sky and stack cheese stars on top of other cut-out star foods to make the stars shine.

You could play a shooting stars game where the shooting stars zoom from your ‘sky’ plate into a bowl or into your mouth.

Food play activities like this are a great opportunity to introduce new foods like a new kind of cheese or a new kind of bread or cracker. They can also be a great way to introduce the idea of eating cheese and crackers together by stacking them up and adding the cheese to make the moon shine or make the stars shine.

Happy full moon and happy food play!


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