Monday Funday: Play A Fun Food Game Today!

orange peel ring toss gameOne more fun way to play with peels and food scraps is to make up a game. Above, I used the leftover stubs/spikes from spiralizing zucchini and made up a ring toss game with orange peels cut into rings with circle cookie cutters.    

You can make up endless variations on this idea to fit whatever foods you have around the kitchen or foods you want to introduce. You could use pretzel sticks or thick carrot sticks stuck into peanut butter (maybe in an ice cube tray to help them stand up) as your posts. You could use different peels, fruits, veggies, fruit leather etc. for your pieces and make the game about color/food sorting. Or use different shape cookie cutters to turn your pieces into fun shapes and make the game into a shape sorting game.

Then when you’re done with your game, use the pieces to make a picture or design like we did last week.

However you choose to play, I hope you have fun and keep it positive. This way you’re sure to be creating positive memories and associations with food that will carry over into your next meal, snack or food play session.

Happy food play!


5 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Play A Fun Food Game Today!

  1. I’ve been waiting for a blog to come along like this!! I came across the food photographer Henry Hargreaves on Change Food and love the idea of “playing with your food” photography and you capture it so well. Thank you so much for liking my recent post on rosemary porkchops and potatoes! I hope you’ll stop by my blog again in the future.

    I have just started following your blog and look forward to your future posts!


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