Monday Funday: A Pear Partridge In A Spinach Pear Tree!

pear partridge in a spinach pear tree

I love singing songs and making up words to get kids involved in food play activities and make exploring food more fun. And this time of year, with holiday songs blasting everywhere, I can’t help but make up my own words to seasonal tunes (like the 12 Days Of Christmas) that get stuck in my head!  

Last year I posted a delicious cookie activity where you can re-make the words to Jingle Bells. Or, you could make up your own activity; look in your fridge and see what there is to explore for a food play snack-time. You could decide to deconstruct what you find or build something with it, then start humming whatever tune is stuck in your head….Then start filling in the words of what you’re doing….And voila, you have a brilliant, original, food play song and activity!

Have fun and happy food play!


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