Monday Funday: Go Sledding In A Winter Wonderland Of Food!

Coconut Flakes Winter WonderlandIt’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere when kids dream of snow and snow days. Even if it isn’t likely to snow outside your windows, you can have fun making and playing in a winter wonderland on your plate or food play mat!  

Any white food works well to make snow. You could use coconut flakes, like in the picture above, mashed potatoes or bread cut to look like white hills or crumbled into snow.

Trees can be made of herbs, like the rosemary above, lettuce, broccoli or any other green (or brown) food you have on hand.

Then have fun playing! Make a sled and sledder out of other foods (like the chocolate sled and pistachio sledder above) and let them go sledding down the hills. Bury a food in the snow and let your child dig through the snow to find it. Make a snow fort and pretend away. Before you know it, food play time will be over and your child will have fun new experiences with the foods you used!

Stay warm and have fun! 😉

Happy food play!


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