Monday Funday: Make Up A Food Play Story

peter rabbit food playMaking up stories and acting them out is a big part of imaginative play kids do every day. When you bring that pretend play to the table and let kids act out stories with food, the food play that ensues creates fun, positive experiences with foods and gives kids the opportunity to explore foods (and maybe even take a taste!) without the pressures of mealtimes.  

There are so many fun places to get inspiration for a food play story. You could act out a favorite story or song, make up your own adventure with a favorite character or even make up your own food play character!

If you act out a favorite story, you already have a plot, but if you’re making up your own storyline, a few key words can help keep it exciting. ‘First,’ ‘then,’ and ‘next’ are key words that all keep a story moving ahead and can help kids tell a story they’re acting out.

If a child is stuck or can’t think of something that could happen next, step in and have fun taking the story where you want it to go, but if a child is suggesting their own plot points, I’d to with those! Guiding a child through an exercise is full of learning opportunities, but when a child takes control of an activity, they’re learning to do it on their own! So, encourage kids to make up their own stories and try to offer language prompts like, ‘and then____?’  ‘What happened next?’ ‘Where did they go?’.

Have so much fun wherever your food play adventures take you!! Happy food play!!





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