Monday Funday: Ghost Meringues–A Delicious And Sweet, Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Treat!

meringue ghostThese meringue ghosts were so much fun to make! I started out trying to keep the pastry bag (and my hands) clean and wiped, but that idea soon went out the window and I settled for keeping meringue out of my hair and off of the cabinets. So many opportunities for sensory play with this cooking activity!  

If you don’t want the mess and full cooking activity of making meringue, you could make similar looking ghosts with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Or you could pipe melted chocolate onto marshmallows to make faces and have fun playing with the melted chocolate…

Or poke holes in a marshmallow and take it apart to explore it. You could use a fork or a straw to poke holes, if your child isn’t comfortable touching a marshmallow yet.

Maybe sing a pumpkin song or a Halloween song while you play. However you choose to play today, the most important things to remember are to keep it positive and keep it fun!

Happy Halloween and happy food play!


6 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Ghost Meringues–A Delicious And Sweet, Gluten and Dairy-Free Halloween Treat!

  1. I see a theme starting here. I have ghost meringues coming up in tomorrow’s post! Mine also has some tips on teaching kids how to separate eggs (but for the slightly older ones, I would say 🙂 ). How old are your kids?


    1. Fun! Meringue ghosts really do offer holiday fun and sensory exploration at every step. I’ve worked on feeding and swallowing with kids and adults, but now focus on pediatrics, which generally includes children birth to 21. My background with kids is in early intervention (birth to 3 years-old) and before I became a speech therapist I was a teacher in a special needs classroom for 9-10 year-olds who would have benefitted from a lot of the activities I do with families with young kids. I try to make the activities on this site accessible to all kids in some way so there’s a way everyone can participate. There are so many ways a lot of older kids can help out in the kitchen, though. I love the idea of getting kids involved in separating eggs! Somehow we don’t care as much when we’re touching something slimy if we’re trying to accomplish a hard task!! 😉

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      1. I’m glad I found you on line :). My grandson has sensory issues and I send many kudos to my daughter and her husband for persevering and making such a big difference in all their lives. Unless you experience it, you just can’t fathom it!

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      2. I’m glad Learn To Love Food has been a positive resource for you! The senses are the way we experience everything in the world so “sensory issues” truly affect every aspect of our lives and experience is exactly how we can begin to understand! :)Without knowing the specifics of your daughter’s family’s situation, it sounds like there are challenges and they are doing a great job of working with them. Kudos to all you do for each other!

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