Thursday Tips: Forgive Yourself Today

pommegranate heartWhen we forgive ourselves we get to feel the benefits of being both the forgiver and the forgiven. We’re with ourselves every moment, so, if we can forgive ourselves for the harsh word, the hurried task, for being human, we can drastically lighten the load of criticism we walk around with every day. 

Self-forgiveness is a quick and easy practice, but it’s something that doesn’t seem to happen, at least for me, unless I consciously think about it.

You can bring to mind anything in your day you think you could have done better, in a relationship, in a job, in a conversation, action, inaction or interaction. Then take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I forgive you. I forgive you for making mistakes. I forgive you for being human.” I think it feels really nice to hold a hand over my heart and feel my heartbeat when I say it.

That’s it. Just a reminder to be kind to yourself and offer yourself some forgiveness today.

Then, if you’d like to have fun playing with food, pomegranate seeds are lots of fun to explore (though messy, so you might want an apron or a smock!). You can start by getting those seeds out with your child and then play games, make an obstacle course or pretend with your big bowl of seeds.

And if your child’s not ready for the mixed texture of pomegranate seeds or you don’t happen to have one laying around, there are lots more activities under the categories pull-down menu on the right, too! Happy food play!



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