Monday Funday: Then, BAM, It Was A Beautiful Butterfly!

hard boiled egg butterfly This is how one of my clients would end Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Then, BAM, it was a beautiful butterfly! I still say it to myself every time I finish the book! The enthusiasm and excitement of the BAM are perfectly fitting for the transformation of the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and I believe the same enthusiasm and excitement are warranted every time we experience food, especially when we make a beautiful butterfly! 😉

There are so many ways to marvel at and enjoy hard-boiled eggs. Bam, it was egg salad! Bam, it was deviled eggs! Bam, it was a butterfly! Bam, it was a spring chick!

You could practice getting comfortable with hard-boiled eggs by doing a deconstruct activity where you explore the different parts of the egg as you take it apart.

You could pretend with a hard-boiled egg. The yellow ball could be a playground ball to play with. The two white halves could be cups for a picnic or tea party, they could be boats, or hats…

However you choose to explore hard-boiled eggs, I hope you have fun and approach it with the excitement and wonder of transformation. Because a hard-boiled egg, while truly mundane, is also exquisite. A truly magical meeting of nature and science to give us a perfectly packaged, delicious ball of protein and nutrients.

And once your child is comfortable with hard-boiled eggs, you could pack this butterfly in their lunch, so when they sit down and open their lunchbox…BAM it’s a beautiful butterfly!

Happy food play!


5 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Then, BAM, It Was A Beautiful Butterfly!

  1. I love eggs for every morning, and even if my grandson doesn’t want to eat eggs, I’ll make this little butterfly critter for myself and for company. Creativity is so much fun!!


  2. It is! I also bet that if your grandson sees you making and eating a fun, egg butterfly, even if he doesn’t want to try it right away, he’ll get interested! Have fun! I’d love to hear what your grandson thinks after your fun breakfast! 🙂


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