Thursday Tips: How Do You Keep Cool?

cucumber heartIt’s HOT here in Austin, TX. I’m moving slowly, trying to relax into it and savor these hot summer days before they’re gone, and my favorite way to appreciate the heat is with the refreshing compliment of cooling foods.

This summer I’ve been embracing the Ayurvedic system of eating sweet, watery, room-temperature foods with cooling spices like mint and basil to combat summer’s heat and it has been the most delicious, refreshing experiment!

Here are 7 tips to use Ayurveda to stay cool this summer and  a link with some tips and ideas to help you enjoy cooling foods in these dog days of summer. I also really liked some of the ideas on Whole Living’s article on cooling foods.

This weekend, pick any activity from the right and try it out with a cooling food. Or make a delicious, cooling smoothie and check out past food play ideas for smoothies and purees.

Enjoy, stay cool and happy food play!


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