Monday Funday: A Xylitol X-Ray Fish Brought To You By The Letter Xx

Xylitol X-ray fishI had never heard of Xylitol until I went searching for foods that start with X. I stumbled upon it while looking for xanthum gum in the baking aisle, went straight home, looked it up and found, like with most foods these days, a plethora of conflicting information.

Xylitol is called a ‘pure, natural’ sweetener on the package, but it’s a modified corn product, so even though they can say it comes from a plant, it seems pretty artificial to me. It has a low glycemic content (for a sweetener) and apparently is not as ‘cancer-causing’ as other artificial sweeteners…but I have a feeling this bag of xylitol is going to sit in my cupboard for a long time, because I don’t really want to put this stuff in my body….It served it’s purpose, though, and we have an animal that starts with X made out of a food that starts with X!

And the way I made this x-ray fish is a really fun way to play with food! You could do an activity like this with any granular or ground food like cornmeal, sugar, flour, salt, whatever you have laying around your pantry. Once you put a little pile on a surface, it can become anything! You could use your finger to draw or use a utensil like a fork or spoon to make pictures and designs. The possibilities and the fun are endless!

Happy Monday and happy food play!



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