Monday Funday: Let’s Play, Watermelon Walrus!

watermelon walrusEvery season provides foods with nutrients our bodies need and summer is no exception! The sweet, juicy bounty of watermelon is perfect to help us stay hydrated and energized through long, hot, summer days.

We’ve talked a lot about ways to build things with food in this animal alphabet series, but watermelon is so much fun to play with, too! Playing games with food can be a great way to interact with foods with no pressure to eat them. Here are a bunch of fun, traditional watermelon games to help you enjoy these last few weeks of summer, though some of them do involve eating the watermelon.

For more fun, watermelon rind can also be used for art activities like this dishtowel stamping activity.

However you choose to play, I hope you have fun and stay cool! Happy food play!


6 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Let’s Play, Watermelon Walrus!

  1. Ben’s favortie food is watermelon, he would eat a whole one if I let him (which I don’t because it would make him sick). Tons of fun things to do with a watermelon – I’ve created all sorts of things for picnics and parties – and until just this moment I didn’t think about doing any of them with Ben. *smh* We love the walrus! Time for food play. Have a wonderful day!

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