Thursday Tips: Love Yourself Today

watermelon heartWe take care of each other. We build each other up with kind, encouraging words. We tell those we love to do nice things for themselves and we do nice things for them to make them feel special and show we care. Which is wonderful in our relationships, and it’s also wonderful because it means we know how to be loving in our relationship with ourselves, too.

There are so many reasons to shower love on yourself. This Ted Talk on self-compassion I found through Tricia at Never Less Than Everything, does an amazing job of showing how loving ourselves and being compassionate towards ourselves can affect positive change in every interaction and situation we encounter.

It can be hard to remember to be kind to ourselves, though. We find so many excuses. Mine is usually that I don’t have time. We value busy-ness in American culture and it seems like a perfectly valid excuse: ‘I just didn’t have time to do this thing for myself because I was doing a lot of other really important things.’

This logic doesn’t hold up, though, because I could always be loving in the way I talk to myself. We’re constantly talking to ourselves and I could make a more conscious effort to be kinder, more compassionate and understanding with myself. Then, it’s probably also very true that sometimes I just don’t have time for self-care, and sometimes it’s probably not as true as it feels.

This article: Barriers To Self-Care: What To Do has a really nice method for laying out self-care goals and finding the time in your schedule to add in some small changes. By writing down what you want to do for yourself and when you have a spare minute, you’re able to actually spend that spare minute taking care of you!

So, this Thursday’s tip is to find a way to love yourself today or start your weekly plan to see how you can fit self-care into your schedule and enjoy!


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