Monday Funday: It’s A Raisin Raccoon!

raisin raccoonRaisins are nature’s gummy candies, but better! They’re sweet, delicious, packed with nutrition and because they’re dehaydrated, they’re super-portable and won’t spoil. They make an awesome snack food or treat and, if your child likes raisins, they can be added to everything from cookies to salads.

Raisins were a bit difficult to build with to make this raisin raccoon, so for food play activities, I suggest something else!

You could do a deconstruct activity with raisins. Try to peel the skin off and talk about the mushy inside. Are they all mushy like that on the inside? Help your child find out! Then, you could open up both raisins and grapes, see what’s different about them and talk about how raisins become raisins. If your child is interested, take the learning a step further and find a youtube video or take a book out of the library to learn more. .

Raisins are also great for pretend play. They make wonderful doll and animal food for pretend picnics and tea parties as well as great drivers for pretend, food cars or passengers in pretend, food trains. The possibilities are endless!

However you choose to play, have fun and happy food play!


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