Thursday Tips: Foodle–Best Nutrition App Ever!

tangerine halfI’m not a nutritionist, but often wish I was. At the most basic level, we eat to give our body the nutrition it needs and knowing what’s in different foods helps us choose the foods we need.

Once a nutritionist has come up with a nutritional plan for a child, I find it’s really helpful to know what foods have the calcium, protein, fats etc that have been recommended. Because it can take a long time for kids to accept new foods and we may need to change to trying a different texture or different food before we get another visit with the nutritionist.

Foodle App to the rescue! Seriously, this app has provided a wealth of nutritional information to my phone! I also need to say here, that I haven’t been approached by Foodle to advertise their product and I’m not receiving any compensation for recommending this app. It’s just been really helpful for me and I want to share it.

Foodle used to be free, although now it appears they’ve removed the free version from the app store and only have the updated version available for $4.99. I thought about scrapping this post when I found out it’s no longer free, but if you can add an app to the budget, I would say this one is definitely worth it.

The really special thing about Foodle is that you can look up almost any food to find a breakdown of basic nutrition information you find on food labels as well as vitamin and mineral content you don’t get on food labels. I’ve found this especially helpful for fruits and veggies. They’re full of amazing nutrition, but they don’t have labels like processed foods. Most of us know we should eat them, but aren’t sure what we’re getting from them. We may know that avocados have good fat, oranges have vitamin C, carrots have beta-carotene, but how much and what other goodness do these foods contain? Foodle will tell you!

So, check it out, and if you decide to purchase, happy Foodling! 🙂




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