Monday Funday: This Newt Is Nuts!

Nutty NewtNuts are nutritional powerhouses! They’re full of protein, important fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Nuts are such an easy, filling, nutritious snack that they end up being a big part of my diet, but they are so much more versatile than how I typically eat them as trail mix and peanut/nut butters. As I’ve experimented with cutting raw dairy out of my diet lately, I’ve started making my own almond milk. Not only is the almond milk delicious, but I end up with almond pulp, too, which I’ve dried out and blended to make a home-made substitute for almond flour (though I’ve been meaning to try this almond butter recipe, too).

Making this little newt, I learned the almond pulp is also a great, edible mix between sand and modeling clay (before drying in the oven). It was like perfect sand castle sand–so much fun to play with!

If you want more recipes than just the almond milk recipe above, here is a guide to making nut milk with lots of different nuts from Beth at Tasty Yummies.

Enjoy all the delicious creations you can make with your nut milks (I’ve been adding mine to smoothies and making soothing bedtime chai) and playing with the pulp!

Happy food play!


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