Monday Funday: Mango Monkey

mango monkeyMango is one of the most delicious fruits. Sweet and juicy, it’s also high in fiber, so your body can handle all of that sweet deliciousness!

If you’re not familiar with mangos here are a few ways to cut the flesh from the pit.

Then you may want to lay down a mat or get a plate that will catch all the juice and play away!


Take a mango apart with your child to let them explore it with all of their senses. Mangos are really fibrous. Start by helping your child feel this texture with their hands so they know what to expect when they taste it and feel it with their mouths.

To help your child explore a mango with their hands, score the big  mango halves into cubes and show them how to push the cubes off of the peel into a bowl.

Then build with the mango cubes. Make a fence, a house, a garden, a road. Pretend some of the mango cubes are people and animals and act out a story.

Or use the fruit and peel to make a picture like the monkey above.

Have fun and happy food play!




7 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Mango Monkey

  1. Hi…its me…previously u gave me tips on hw to attract my chIld to eat veges…and i tried the smoothies tip u shared with me. He is starting to accept some veges now. Thanks alot


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