Monday Funday: Kiwi Koala With Kale ‘Eucalyptus’

kiwi koalaSweet and delicious, kiwis are also packed full of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber and many other important nutrients. Because they’re so nutrient-dense kids don’t have to eat a lot of the fruit to get the great benefits! Also, if your kids don’t like vegetables kiwi can be a nice, sweet introduction to green foods.

Language and Senses:

Fruits and vegetables are so unique and interesting they’re some of the most fun foods to describe. Talk about the outside: is it rough, fuzzy, smooth, hairy?  And when you cut it open talk about the inside. What color is it? What are the black dots? What to all the parts smell like? Taste like?


You could cut kiwis into blocks and play with them like toys.

Or get creative. Bits of the kiwi left from the block cutting could make beautiful flowers or leaves for a garden picture.

You could do a deconstruct activity and take apart a kiwi with your child as you talk about each part. Encourage them to participate and let them interact with each part at their comfort level of looking, touching or tasting.

Once you’ve cut a kiwi in quarters, it’s relatively easy to peel off the peel with your fingers, which can be a fun, exploratory way to incorporate a fine motor activity into your food play.

However you choose to play, I hope you enjoy! Happy food play!





21 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Kiwi Koala With Kale ‘Eucalyptus’

  1. This is adorable. Kiwi are such beautiful fruits. I remember the hard sell getting Ben to try them, but once he did …and realized that they are “strawberry flavored”…they became a fast favorite. I am going to see if he wants to make a kiwi koala this afternoon – he will love it! Thank you for the great ideas!


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