Monday Funday: Icing Iguana


Icing IguanaThis icing iguana was so much fun to create, but you don’t have to make something so intricate to have fun drawing with icing (or any puree).

Painting/drawing with puree is a great food play activity for kids who don’t like to get their hands dirty. It allows them to see and feel how a puree spreads and squeezes without having to touch it with their hands. If your child wants to touch the puree they’ve squeezed out as they become more comfortable with it, that’s great! This can easily be turned into a finger painting with puree activity!


First you get to pick your puree. You can make icing which adds a nice, simple cooking activity with very few steps (I’m a sucker for cream cheese frosting!), but pre-made icing works, too. Or pick any squeezable puree (like hummus, cream cheese or Nutella, etc.).

Then choose your method of drawing with it. You can use a piping bag, plastic-baggie-pastry-bag or a squeeze bottle to draw and paint with your puree. If two options are ok with you, it can give your child some power in the activity to let them choose how they want to do it.

Then draw or paint away on any wipe-able surface (high-chair tray, plate, cutting board, etc.). Make squiggles, dots, shapes, designs, pictures. You get the idea: you can draw anything!

Have fun and happy food play!


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