Thursday Tips: Build On The Positive

lemon lime flower Focus On What's Right TodayWords define us. When we call a child a ‘picky eater’ we’re describing behavior, but we’re also telling a child that’s part of who they are. What if we change the label and focus on what kids are doing that we want to see more of, build on what’s going right today, rather than focusing on what’s not?

Does your child just eat crackers? Let’s make them the best cracker-eater in the west (or east or south, wherever you are)! If they love cheese? Then, they’re the best cheese-monster your fridge has ever seen! Did they take a taste of broccoli? What a GREAT broccoli-taster!

Now, rather than reinforcing and defining kids by their picky eating, we’re reinforcing eating and defining them as good eaters! Kids love this kind of positive reinforcement and they’ll do something over and over (like taste broccoli, eventually) to get it. And, if they’re a great broccoli-taster they could be a great taster-of-a-lot-of-things….

Everyone has more fun (and is more motivated to keep trying) when they feel like they’re doing a good job. So, have fun focusing on what’s going right today.

Happy food play!




16 thoughts on “Thursday Tips: Build On The Positive

  1. Love this! As a mommy of six and at least a few picky eaters (and one REALLY picky eater), this is helpful to read. I usually am so mad about the meals being wasted that I focus on that instead of what IS eaten. Thank you 🙂

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  2. This is awesome! I’m a new follower. Thank you for posting. I did my Bachelors in Science in Speech Pathology too, but I never really thought to blog about anything speech pathology related. (My blog is about something else) You make “pediatric feeding” for picky eaters so much fun.

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