Monday Funday: Gingerbread Giraffe

gingerbread giraffeGingerbread is often relegated to winter holidays and sugar cookie hearts are cut for Valentine’s day, but cookie-cutter recipes are fun and delicious any time of the year! Making cookie-cutter cookies presents a new sensory exploration in every step (plus a great opportunity to practice directions and sequencing for older kids) and you end up with cookies!  

There are so many ways to play with cookie-cutter cookies because the shapes you can make are infinite. I think these cookies are perfect to pretend with because they’re already shapes like toys. So, when the cookies are done,  set up a tea party with cookies as the guests. Make a cookie barnyard and sing Old McDonald’s Farm, create a safari with the Gingerbread Giraffe above.

Get creative, have fun and enjoy the nibbles along the way 🙂

Happy food play!


7 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Gingerbread Giraffe

  1. I love gingerbread. Cut-out cookies are so much fun! I’ll always have good memories of making cut-out cookies with my mom. I love your tea party idea too; it’d be enough to tempt even an adult to have some fun.
    Have you ever made any of those glass/window cookies? Do cut-out with holes in the middle and fill it with crushed hard candy?
    I haven’t made those since I was really little, but they were a highlight also.

    Thanks for posting!

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