Monday Funday: Eggplant Elephant

eggplant elephantYou could make an adorable elephant like this out of any round fruit like an apple or pear for a fun, food play, puzzle, snack activity! 


Read a book or watch a video about elephants (this can be tailored to any age). Then have fun making elephant pieces and putting together an elephant out of whatever food you choose.

If you use a knife, you may need to do most of the cutting. I used a circle cookie cutter for a lot of the elephants pieces and it worked pretty well. It could also be fun to see what kind of silly elephant your kids make up using cookie cutters. 🙂

Sing A Song:

One elephant went out to play is a fun counting song and I really like this version I found on YouTube by the Associazione Culturale Arcobaleno Sul Mondo.

Enjoy! Happy food play!


6 thoughts on “Monday Funday: Eggplant Elephant

  1. Oh my word this is adorable and just perfect for my middle child who happens to like elephants above all other animals! Thanks for sharing


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