Monday Funday: Delicious Donut Dog

donut dogThis donut dog gave me such a fun excuse to buy donuts, which I think is OK once in a while. Sometimes the not-so-good-for-you snacks are a fun treat!

I made this dog with a variety pack of Sara Lee donuts and Sara Lee donut holes, but you could use any donuts from your favorite shop.

Or you could make something else. You could make the trip down to the bakery and decide what you want to make out of pastries once you see what they have. This creates a whole outing around getting excited about buying and playing with food. And getting excited about foods in any way is a great step toward getting excited about eating foods!

I do love donuts, though! Donuts have their own special, amazing texture that’s somewhere between a dissolvable/meltable texture and a mechanical soft texture. They’re a pretty easy food for kids with oral motor weakness to chew, so it can be a good ‘junk food’ snack for these kiddos.

Enjoy! Happy food play!


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