Dissolvable Cookies, Crackers And Chips

cookie, cracker and chips train sensory, food play, feeding therapy activity for picky eatersLots of cookies, crackers and chips have a satisfying crunch then immediately begin to dissolve into mush. I loved this texture as a kid and I still find it comforting to crunch crackers and let them dissolve in my mouth with no chewing.  Kinda weird, I know, but I know I’m not alone!

Dissolvable cookies, crackers and chips are a great introduction to crunchy foods for kids who don’t have really strong chewing skills yet. Often this kind of dissolovable cookie, cracker or chip along with soft foods like chicken nuggets and French fries are favorite foods for kids who are still learning to chew or who are gaining the strength to chew a whole meal of harder foods.

Crumbling these foods can be a great introduction to their initial crunchy texture. Fill up a bowl with broken pieces. Make it into a turn-taking game or continue to break them into smaller pieces and fill up another bowl. If your child really doesn’t want to touch the food you can put the chips, crackers or cookies in a plastic baggie and crumble them with a rolling pin.

Make a mosaic with the pieces. Build a picture or scene (like the train above) and pretend with it or use the broken pieces of these foods in a pretend activity like ‘dump-truck construction site.’

Add A Song:

Add this song from last week’s post on crunchy crackers:

While crumbling crackers, I usually start singing some version of ‘I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas,’ about what we’re doing, so it comes out something like “I like to crumble, crumble, crumble, crumble up my cracker. I like to break, break, break it into tiny, tiny pieces.”

How did you decide to play with crunchy dissolvable cookies, crackers and chips? How did it go? Comment and share your food experiences and your fun ideas!

Enjoy! Happy food play!


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