Fruit and Veggie Animals

fruit and veggie animal for sensory food play activity for picky eaters
tongue: carrot; eyes: blueberry halves; body: apple slices; scales: baby carrot slices; feet: almonds

Crunchy fruits and veggies work really well for building-with-food activities because they’re hard and solid. Gather a variety of cut up fruits and veggies and build a real animal like a dog, bear or bunny or make up a fictional animal like the dragon above.

Language and Senses:

Start at the head or the tail.Talk about the body parts you’re adding as you build your animal. With younger kids you can talk about the big body parts like head, body and legs. With older kids you can get more detailed and add toes, toenails, ears, whiskers. Put spots on a leopard, stripes on a tiger or scales on a dragon (like in the picture above). Have fun and your animal get ridiculous! You can always turn it into a crazy monster, then have fun naming your monster. 🙂

Talk about how the different foods feel. Are they solid or mushy? Are they wet or dry? Are they loud or quiet? What happens when you break a piece of food apart with your fingers? What happens when you crunch it in your teeth?

Ask questions about the food. You can tell your child about the foods, but also let them come up with words to describe them so they have some ownership of these foods. Get excited with them as they explore and discover!

Add A Song:

Sing a song about body parts like “Dem Bones” or “Head Shoulders Knees And Toes.”

Enjoy and happy food play!!



8 thoughts on “Fruit and Veggie Animals

  1. Great!! Do you have any tips on peels on your site? Anything with a peel turns off my son, after it’s already in his mouth. Apples, potatoes, etc. He’ll bite through the peel but spit it out or gag once the texture is in his mouth. Maybe it’s just a typical toddler thing… 🙂


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