Take Apart A Hard Boiled Egg

2014-12-16 11.21.11

Hard-boiled eggs are a healthy, cheap, easy protein and inside that hard shell is a white egg with a perfect, yellow ball inside. So cool! Help your child become comfortable with hard-boiled eggs by showing them how neat they are!


Give your child a hard-boiled egg, if they will hold it. If not, encourage them to touch it. You may want to have a few eggs on hand so they can watch once and then take it apart themselves.

Then let your child crack the egg and help them, as needed, to get the shell off the egg. Split the egg and show them the yellow ball of the yolk. Dump the yolk back and forth between the whites, roll it, then break the yolk. What is inside that yellow ball?

Language and senses:

Talk about each part of the egg and how they open. The shell is smooth and hard and cracks open, the white is smooth and soft and it tears open. The Yellow is smooth and soft and it crumbles and mushes. How else can you describe the parts of the egg.

Add a Song:

Sing about what you are doing with the food to the tune of “This Is The Way We Go To School.” Ex: “This is the way we roll the egg, roll the egg, roll the egg. This is the way we roll the egg so early in the morning.”

Add Pretend:

Pretend the egg whites are boats. Pretend the yolks are golden eggs like in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Enjoy and happy food-play!








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