How Do You Play With Your Food? Part 2: Deconstruct

2014-12-14 08.51.15

Last week’s food-play focus was building with foods. This week’s focus is taking them apart. Whole pieces of food can be intimidating to kids. They’re not comfortable taking a bite out of that big thing. They don’t know what’s in it; they don’t want it and the whole chunk of food gets thrown on the floor. Help your kids play with these foods to learn about them. It’s even been shown that kids who play with their food may be better learners!

Before the food gets thrown on the floor, or after (because quite possibly that’s how you learned your child wasn’t comfortable with a big piece of food) take a few minutes help your child take it apart.

We need to understand our food to be comfortable touching it and eating it. Taking apart larger pieces of food is a great way for kids to learn about how they crumble, mush or break, how they smell, how they feel. When we break foods into smaller, more manageable pieces kids are much more likely to taste them or even eat them.

This week’s activities will focus on slowing down with food-play. Get curious with your kids. Ask the questions: what’s inside? How do we open it? Give them time to explore and get comfortable. Enjoy teaching them and watching them discover how these foods ‘work’!

Happy food-play!


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