Rice Men

Rice Men: left-over Chinese-food rice with whipped cream cheese, buttons: dried blueberries, arms: pretzel pieces, nose: carrot sliver, hat: mini York Peppermint Patty, piece of natural licorice
Rice Men: left-over Chinese-food rice with whipped cream cheese; Buttons and eyes: dried blueberries; Arms: pretzel pieces; Noses: carrot sliver; Hats: Mini York Peppermint Patty, black licorice

The first step in this activity, mixing the rice and cream cheese for the snowman bodies, is the messiest (tip: it sticks together best when the cream cheese is cold). If your child doesn’t want to get their hands into the rice and cream cheese mixture, encourage them to use a spoon to help mush it together. If they don’t want to get their hands near the mixture, let them use a wooden spoon with a long handle, or just watch. No matter how they engage with this step, they will be learning about the texture and smells of these foods.

As you make the balls for the bodies, your child may or may not want to scoop up a ball to make themselves. Offer them involvement at any level, if they pick up one grain of rice to put into a ball, that is a great step!

Then add the arms, buttons, eyes, nose and hat. You can change up the ingredients, add a scarf, give the snowmen glasses, ears; the possibilities are endless!

Laugh a lot if the balls fall apart or roll as you try to assemble. Each time something falls apart is another opportunity to touch it to put it back together.

Add a Song:

Sing Frosty The Snowman or make up a song about what you are doing to any familiar tune.

Have fun and happy food-play!


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