Make A Rainy Day On Your Plate


blueberry yogurt, frozen blueberries
blueberry yogurt, blueberries

Make a rainy day with blueberry yogurt!


Let your child help you open the yogurt container, stir the yogurt and scoop it into a bowl. This exploration can help them get comfortable with and curious about the texture of the yogurt.

Make clouds, raindrops, puddles. Pretend it’s raining on your car, on your house. Use spoons or finger-paint. Most importantly, laugh a lot; have fun!


Change the words to a favorite song, like Barney’s “If all the raindrops”, to make them about this activity.

“If all the raindrops were yogurt and blueberries,

oh what a rain that would be!

Standing outside with my mouth open wide,

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah…”

Show your child how you taste the “raindrops” on your tongue!


If you want to do a lot of splashing in the puddles, it can be a great outdoor activity on a plastic mat!

Enjoy! Happy food-play!!




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